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Q: Will my visit and all related services be covered?
A: You need to check with your insurance carrier regarding specific coverage questions. Due to the vast array of plans available, your carrier is best equipped to assist you with this question.


Q: Do you offer any classes?
A: Yes, we offer both Childbirth Preparation classes and Breastfeeding classes. Please inquire at the checkout desk at the end of your visit.



Q: If I have a medical question, who do I ask?
A: When you call in, indicate that you have a question for a nurse. We have trained nurses who will return your call and assist you. If your questions are of a non-emergent nature, you can also email us through the patient portal. You can sign up for the patient portal once our office invites you via email to sign up, typically on the first office visit with us. If you do not have access, please call us with your email information.


Q: What medications can I take if I am pregnant?
A: Please make sure your Physician is aware of any medications you may be taking.



Albany Obstetrics and Gynecology
319 S. Manning Blvd, Suite 201
Albany, NY 12208
Phone: 518-516-6724
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Albany Obstetrics and Gynecology
319 S. Manning Blvd
Suite 201
Albany, NY 12208